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Zoom and Skype Interviews - 10 Ways To Make You Stand Out

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​There has never been a better chance to stand out from the crowd! Most people don’t prepare fully for regular interviews, let alone video ones. This is your chance to embrace the challenge and show you are more organised, motivated and together than other applicants simply by following these 10 steps. So don't be paralysed by fear, embrace the chance to impress and remember...

1.  Get the Tech. Download all of your tech from the relevant interview app well in advance.

2.  Log On Details. Make sure you have meeting invitations and codes ready and waiting. For Zoom, the employer will be setting up a meeting for you so they will be sending you a meeting link and access code. For Skype, they will usually If you don’t have these, ask for them!

3.  Be connected. A poor internet connection leads to awkward, stumbly conversations with no flow and will cause both you and the interviewer to become frustrated. Google the phrase “my internet speed” and run the Speed Test. You will need a minimum of 5MB download and 5MB upload.

4.  Set The location. Make sure you're somewhere distraction free and comfortable. Shut your windows to eliminate outdoor noise (you can bet your neighbour will start shouting at their dog if you don’t!). Check what’s in the room to make sure you haven’t left a controversial poster up!

5. Test call a friend. Get used to using the app. Is everything working ok? Your microphone, your webcam, etc. Can your friend see you clearly? Is the camera angle correct? No one wants to be looking up your nose!

6. Prepare Your Q’s. Now you have looked after the tech side, don’t forget to prepare as normal. Peters Dean Care’s Interview Guidance web page recommends preparing two questions from website research about the company, two questions regarding the Job Description and two other practical queries.

7.      Dress to Impress. You should dress as you normally would. Select and lay out your outfit the day before- one less thing to worry about on the day. You can also get changed in to your PJ’s or onesie straight after! 

8.   Time It Perfectly. Set up the space and ensure the computer is on, link ready, at least 30mins beforehand. Only enter the meeting 2-3 mins before but DO NOT BE LATE! Normal advice is to attend meetings ten minutes before they start, but not with virtual IV’s. They could be using the same virtual meeting room to interview others, so give them the time to finish up.

9. Speak Slowly and Carefully. The very best internet connections can still drop out for a second or two, so give them the best chance to hear you. It will also make you look calmer and more confident.

10. Do not talk over the interviewer. Saving the most important until last. This is crucial at any interview but more than ever over video call. They won’t hear you and it will lead to awkward silences.

​So what are you waiting for? Get preparing and take the opportunity to make sure you stand out from the crowd!

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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