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Matthew Vokes

Senior Recruitment Specialist

01903 953400

About Matthew

Matt is the Senior Recruitment Specialist and Tech Boy (an assumed role) at Peters Dean Care. Matt joined the team in 2017 and has progressed from a Trainee to a Recruitment Specialist, and then on to a Senior Recruitment Specialist in 2020. His ability to multi-task and deal with the complex difficulties that arise in social care almost rivals his keen hockey, cricket and football skills. Having completed a Management apprenticeship after graduating, Matt is adept at working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and is one of the most consistently friendly, calm and composed people ever put on this planet!

Matt has supplemented his professional experience with a well-recognised recruitment qualification, having completed an intensive 3-year Diploma Level 4 in Recruitment Management

Other than his sports, he likes to surprise people on a night out by contradicting his mature and calm reputation!

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