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Ian Dean

Company Director

01903 953400

About Ian

Ian is a Director and the Head of Operations of Peters Dean Care. He is a man on a mission to improve the quality of social care staff within services supporting people with complex needs across Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey.

His combined recruitment and social care experience dates back to 2002. During part of this period, Ian worked in a Children's Home and within a specialist NHS Eating Disorder's service, running shifts with agency workers and other permanent staff and seeing first hand that the difference the staff made to the quality of care provided to the service users was life changing.

Peters Dean Care is the result of Ian and Jess' shared passion to deliver the very best staff to the care services we partner, time and time again. Through Peters Dean Care, not only does Ian get to do the recruitment role he loves, but he also gets to run a service focusing on improving the quality of care to vulnerable people. Read more in our blog Why We Care.


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